Along the pacific coast tourists can explore sandy beaches, modern seaports and romantic fishing villages, beautiful woods and sandy beaches await you. The Machalilla National Park still shows ancient footprints of pre-Columbian settlements. Many colorful fish surround the "Isla de la Plata" and you will find similar landscapes to the ones on the Galapagos islands. Between June and October boats leave the port of Puerto Lopez to observe humpback whales during their mating ritual. From Guayaquil you can begin the Rute of the Sun " Ruta del Sol " passing lonely beaches as well as modern Spas, like Salinas or Manta.


The capital of Guayas province, is the largest and most populated city in Ecuador, it has a tropical climate and is known as the "Pacific Pearl". Guayaquil  it's Ecuador the main port, thus, it is a great economic importance to the country. The gulf, the river, the monuments, museums, parks and its exhilarating nightlife are part of the attractions.

marimbaEsmeraldasMain Attractions:


Traveling along the main streets and avenues of the city, we will visit the Simon Bolivar Park, The Guayaquil embarkation, La Rotonda with the statues of Bolivar and Saint Martin. We will then visit the colonial neighborhood of Las Peñas, where we can admire the magnificent wood architecture where every house is a work of art. From here we can take a panoramic view of Guayaquil and the Guayas River.


Same as City tour but then we will take a boat or a car to visit the famous historical park an attractions that recreate the Guayaquil of the past, with its characters, traditions, animals, birds and architecture. Entrance is included.




  • Transportation from the Hotel to Puerto Lopez (round trip)
  • Maritime transportation in a touristic boat, from the Continent to the Island (1 hour 30 min each way)
  • Whales watching (June – July – August)
  • Guided walking in any of the two paths of the island (3 hours approximately)

Punta Machete Path: You can reach the highest portion of the island from where you can enjoy of pristine nature and spectacular landscapes. Along the way you’ll be able to see a great population of blue footed boobies, masked boobies, and more. Also here, from May to December, is where the Albatross hatch, the migratory birds with the bigger wings in the world. 

Punta Escalera Path: We will go around the Island. We will also be able to find colonies of blue footed boobies, masked boobies and frigates. The red footed boobies will be seen in the lower parts of the riffs.

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Close to the island there’s the chance to do snorkeling, with the equipment provided at the boat


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