10 Thing you must know before visiting Ecuador

As you know, Ecuador is located in South America right in the Equator line, thats how the country gets the name Ecuador.

  1. Ecuador main lenguage is Spanish
  2. Ecuador hold 4 different enviroments (Coast, Jungle, highlands and the Galapagos)
  3. Ecuador is known for it always changing weather
  4. Ecuador counts with the biggest active volcano in the world called Cotopaxi
  5. If you are located in the highlands you can travel to the coast and the jungle in less than 6 hours driving
  6. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and known for having the one of the best conversed historic center in the world
  7. If you know where to look, in Ecuador you will be able to get a great lunch for less than 5 dollars
  8. Like in most countries if you are a visitor you will have to deal with higher rates, so if  you look latin you will be able to save some money :)
  9. Ecuador has the monument to the middle of the world which is located at the latitud 0' 0' 0'
  10. If you have never visited Ecuador before or if you have never met someone from Ecuador, be ready to fall in love with an amazing place, filled with history, culture and most important warm and gentle people.

Even if you have a hard time dealing with non-english speaker, they will do their best trying to understand you.

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