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Where to Go in Ecuador?

Is it your first time planing/visiting Ecuador? If it is, we have tons of different activities and places you can visit in Ecuador.

Ecuador its consider one of the most magical countries in the world, and Ecuador Access Trips its here to help you discover this wonderful country with luxury and adrenaline at the same time.

Most of the Tours and Deals you will find elsewhere might look great but trust us, they won't give you the experience we will.

Why Choose Access Ecuador Trips?

First of all we offer the best deals out there! We have tons of happy costumers and we will take you to 4 different worlds in one country.


Quito its the capital of Ecuador and it has been named a World Heritage Centre, it's not only because we have one of the largest historical cities in the world! We have a legacy of our ancestors and every street in Quito have an story to tell. Quito its full of history and culture! A place you will be able to visit while traveling with us.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos the "Enchanted Islands". This is a MUST VISIT place while in Ecuador! One of the largest biodiversity in the world. This is the place where Charles Darwing made his studies in Evolution. The Islands get their name becuase they are home for the Largets turtles in the world the Galapagos Turtles. Galapagos was also home of the now extinct "Lonely George". Sound interesting...well this is also one of the places while traveling with us.

Ecuadorian Coast

We have endless things to do! Whale Watching! City walks! We  are going to take to "Pacific Pearl". Guayaquil it's Ecuador main port the most populated city in the county. The gulf, the river, the monuments, museums, parks and its exhilarating nightlife are part of the attractions.

Wait, Whale Watching?. Yes! Whale Watching, the well-known Humpback whales are here! Where? In Puerto Lopez! (June – July – August). This its one of a kind adventure! You will be so close to the whales you will feel you can almost pet them.

The Amazon and Jungle

As stated before! Ecuador its filled with activities and places to visit you will have to come back for more! Do you want to see some of the most beautiful waterfalls!? Do you seek for adventure, or just want to relax and go to a natural reserve where you will be able to see all sorts of animals? Well, the Ecuadorian Jungle its for you!

Have you heard of pink dolphins? Anacondas? or the Titi Monkey? Well, we have them all! The Ecuadorian Jungle will surprise you!

We are the best option!

Seek no more! Ecuador Access Trips its your best option! If you are still not sure and you are still asking yourself, Why visit Ecuador? Let us answer this wit another question! Why visit other places if we have 4 different worlds in One Country!

Ecuador its the best adventure option!

Access Ecuador Trips its here to take you to the best adventure of your life!

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